The Association


The Parents’ Association of the European School Mol is a non-profit association which has been established in accordance with Belgian legislation and whose records are audited and approved at a General Assembly, and then notified to the Commercial Court.

In addition to our three part-time employees, Dominique Benjuya (Office Manager),  Anja Wolfs and Iveta Rubringer (Daycare), below are the current members of our association. The Board must consist of min 7 to max 15 members.

The Board:

  • Cat Murphy: President, Transport, Webmaster, Secondary Educational Council.
  • Annelii Ny: Vice President, Admin. Board, Health & Safety committee, Canteen committee, Secondary Educational Council, Events and Communication.
  • Kim Mahon: Secretary, Sustainability, Events and Communication, Interparents.
  • Cédric Bonaldi: Treasurer, Daycare, Secondary Educational Council, Webmaster.
  • Anne Questroey: member, Daycare, Primary Educational Council, Events and Communication, Newcomers.
  • Eva Somers: member, Transport, Secondary Educational Council, Admin. Board, Interparents, Events and Communication.
  • Barbara Tresoldi: member, Health & Safety committee, Canteen committee, Daycare, Webmaster.
  • Asif Mekrani: member, Transport.

General Assembly:

The General Assembly meets once a year towards the end of the year to approve the annual records and the balance sheet, new yearly guidelines and budget estimates. During the event, we cover: the revision of the statutes, the appointment of administrators or their discharge etc.

Members of the General Assembly are the parents who are on the Administrative Board of the Parents’ Association. They are all volunteers and their only concern is to ensure that the services provided are in the general interest of the parents and the school.

Click here to download the statutes (in Dutch):


Click here to download a courtesy English translation of the statutes. Please note the official statutes are in Dutch.