Erasmus Maris project on Microplastics (Valencia)

The S5 students of the ES Mol worked on the RAISE-CS project which is part of the Erasmus Maris initiative on assessing microplastic pollution in Burriana (a small village on the Valencian coast in Spain) with the students from the following vocational schools:

-Orthopedagogisch Centrum Sint-Ferdinandschool, who built the sampling instrument for microplastics

-Campus Max who worked on the design and printing of the hoodies

During the project in Burriana, the students learned about the impact of microplastics on marine ecosystems and conducted fieldwork to collect water samples in the area surrounding the port of Burriana. They then analyzed the samples back in the lab and identified the types and amounts of microplastics present.

Prior to the trip to Spain, the students from the ES Mol also had the chance to visit the laboratories of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, where they participated in team-building activities with the students from the two other schools.

The hoodies sponsored by the PA provided a sense of unity and identity for the students, who proudly wore them on the trip and during the project. Overall, the Erasmus Maris project was a successful and impactful initiative that brought together students and teachers from different backgrounds and fostered a deeper understanding of environmental issues.

The collaboration between the three entities allowed for a unique and enriching experience for the students, who were able to learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. The team-building activities also helped to create a positive and inclusive environment for all involved.