PA Membership

Membership in the association is voluntary and open to all parents whose children
attend the school. It only costs 30 euros per school year and per family.

Please note that the families whose children use the Parents’ Association’s services must be enrolled as members.  This membership fee will be included in the first daycare or transport invoice.

Why join the PA?

As a member you can:

  • vote at General Meetings and elect the board.
  • enjoy all the Parents’ Association benefits such as after-school care and transport.
  • participate in our workgroups. Through these workgroups, every parent can influence and improve the school community.

We look forward to your membership and hope to welcome you in one of our workgroups!

The benefits of joining the Parents Association

As an association of volunteers, and parents working for parents, we welcome any input and helping hands that fellow parents may be able to give. Our aim is to help make our children’s educational experience at the European School in Mol a positive and memorable one. Registration for any of the services of the Parents’ Association automatically includes membership as a supporting member. The membership fee will be charged with the invoice for the service.

Supporting vs. effective member:

Anyone else who wants to join the Parents’ Association as a member is welcome and can receive information in our office. As a supporting member, you may use the services of the Parents’ Association but you do not have a voice in the working of the association. If you would like to have a voice, you may apply for effective membership. This must be done personally in the office. As an effective member, you can take part in the General Assembly and have a vote.

We are always looking for new people to join our team!