Daycare Working Group Members

Point of contact for group members:

Barbara Tresoldi (Lead)

Hi! I am Barbara and I live in Geel.

I moved to Belgium from Italy in 2011.

I have 3 children at ES Mol, two in Secondary and one in the Nursery

Joao Alberto Lopes

I’m currently working in Brussels at the European Innovation Council and Small and Medium Enterprises Agency (EISMEA), but I live in Retie, a 5 minutes drive from the ESMol.

I’m Portuguese, and I have two kids in the English section, one in the Nursery and another one in the Primary. They have been students in the ESMol for more than three years.”

Mariana Sacchelli

Currently living in Mol.

My name is Mariana. I am originally from Brazil and lived in some countries, like Italy, the USA, and the Netherlands. I moved to Belgium in 2021 with my family.
I speak Portuguese, Italian, and English, and I am studying French and Dutch.

I have 2 boys in the school (Primary and Secondary)

Kim Mahon

Kim Mahon

Although originally from the United States, I have lived in Europe for over 20 years, and have called Belgium home since 2013. 

I have three children who attend Secondary at ES Mol.  We currently live in Oud-Turnhout.

Zsuzsanna Nagy 

Zsuzsanna Nagy

I am Zsuzsa Nagy and I live in Eindhout.

I am originally from Hungary but left the country ~17 years ago and have since lived in 4 different countries (UK, France, USA, and now Belgium).

My family and I came to Belgium 7 years ago and my first child started in the nursery. Since then she got a sister who is now in nursery.

I am a research chemist who left behind the labs when came to Belgium. Now I am coordinating research grant evaluations in Brussels.

This European school is special, very diverse, and includes a lot of ex-pats, for whom life is not always easy. I believe that the PA is here to help parents in this special environment and to represent them.