PA News

Additional transportation 

New Proposed Route

The PA is planning to provide additional transportation for the following route:

  • Herselt / Ramsel 
  • Westerlo 
  • Eindhout Meir 
  • Grote Steenweg, Geel 
  • Geel punt kerk 
  • European school Mol

As we do not yet have enough students to organize a large bus, we will have to work initially with a taxi service minibus. 

If you are interested in this potential new route please send an e-mail to detailing where you would be interested to join this route and how many children would join the route.

New platform for Secondary books 


The PA in cooperation with the school will be working with a new one-stop platform for
ordering books – Studieshop

➢ Parents order books from one location.
➢ Booklists supplied by the school.
➢ All books will be delivered to school (delivery is cheaper and safer)
➢ PA to distribute books to students/parents at the start of the school year (details
to follow).

Primary School Library Volunteers

Primary School Volunteers

The school’s primary librarian is asking for volunteers to help in the primary library, especially in the English section (P4 and P5).

If you have some spare time to help for an hour or more it would be great!

Please contact Mrs. Sylvie Balestié directly if you have some time to spare and help out in the library

We are really counting on your help.

It would be really appreciated if volunteers could help to enter new books into the system, scan the returned books, put covers on the books, file them in the right place, decorate the library, etc.

The school’s librarian, Mrs Sylvie Balestié can explain it to you.