BUS FEES FOR 2022-2023

The tentative bus fee for the school year 2022/23 is the following. We offer the same sibling discount policy as the school.

bus transport
Our buses in the parking lot of ESMOL

  • 1st child € 1.830
  • 2nd child : € 1.464
  • 3rd child : € 1.098
  • 4th+ children: € 732

+ € 30,- for the annual PA membership fee.


Since the European School itself is not involved and there are no transport subsidies available from other benefactors, these activities must be organized and run on a full cost-recovery basis. Our goal is to offer the seats on the buses at the lowest possible fee.

How are our Fees so Low?

We as the PA are proud that our transport costs are the lowest of all the international schools in Belgium. How do we do this?

We have central pickup points along the route which lower costs. As such we cannot offer home pick-ups. Parents and Guardians must go to these central pick-ups in order to reduce costs.

Paying Fees by Installments

If you need to pay an outstanding installment, you can pay by logging into your account via this link: https://registration.paesmol.eu

  • Go to CHECKOUT at the top of the screen
  • Tick/untick what you need to pay
  • Click on Proceed to Payment.


Our goal is to accommodate all bus requests. In cases, where the bus is near full capacity, children who currently use the bus will be given 1st preference for the new school year. 

In cases where previous payments were overdue, we reserve the right to only accept registrations after full payment of the yearly fee.

Rights & Privilege

All who avail themselves of this service acknowledge and accept that travelling on these privately contracted buses remains a “PRIVILEGE”, not “AN ACQUIRED RIGHT” even when bus fees have been paid.

The Parents Association is engaged in this activity on your behalf on a volunteer basis and exercises its capacities in good faith with reasonable care and attention (consistent with the Belgian concept of “ goede huisvader ”).



The Parents Association reserves the right to increase the fees for their services due to inflation or increasing fuel prices. 

The information contained in this site is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantee of prices for the whole school year.

For the school year 2022-2023, the fees for all services have been increased by 3%. 

As usual, any profit will be refunded to the families by the end of the school year.



The buses are operated by Marcel Cars: 

Tel: 014 – 377 048, email: info@marcelcars.be