1.Parent Representation (Class Representative or “Class Rep”)

The Parents’ Association is the link between children/parents and the school management.

Class Representatives (a parent who is elected to represent a given class) are the first level of parents’ representation in our school. They play an important role in the communication between the parents and the Parents’ Association, as all Class Representatives are invited to 2 to 3 meetings per year with the Parents’ Association & the school management.

Class Reprrsentatives typically support the teacher where needed, give information to all class parents and bring class issues to the Parents’ Association.  They listen to different opinions, are aware of cultural differences and aim to support all the parents in their class.

At the information evening which the school runs early in the term, teachers will ask each class to elect a parent representative for the class. They are vital links in our communication with all school families – please consider if YOU could do this job!!

If you would like to be a class rep please notify the teacher and he/she will notify the Board of the Parents’ Association. Thank you!

The Parents’ Association also represents parents in:

2. School Administration Board

This board supervises the effective management & administration of the school and budgets, and meets twice a year.

3.  Education Councils

In Nursery, Primary and Secondary, these meetings take place three times a year between teachers, parents and the school management to discuss school-related issues. Optimal conditions for effective teaching are discussed and positive and stimulating relationships between all parties are enhanced. Please contact your section representative if you have any feedback/issues to report.

Representatives by language sections:


Primary: Barbara Tresoldi, Isabel Arranz

Secondary: Ashok Sharda, Cat Murphy, Sarah Baatout, Annelii Ny, Namita Bhatia


Primary: Anne Quetstroey

Secondary: Eva Somers, Olivier Hottlet


Primary: Cédric Bonaldi

Secondary: Nathalie De Keyser, Anne Payet, Cédric Bonaldi


Primary: Stefan Kopecky

Secondary: Isabel Arranz