Events + Communications Working Group Members

Point of contact for group members:

Kim Mahon – LEAD

Kim Mahon

Although originally from the United States, I have lived in Europe for over 20 years, and have called Belgium home since 2013. 

I have three children who attend Secondary at ES Mol.  We currently live in Oud-Turnhout.

Eva Somers

Eva Somers

I am Belgian and live in the nice village of Vorselaar (roughly in the middle between school and Antwerp).

In 2016 our oldest son started in S1. One year later, our youngest son started in P4. They are now in S7 and S4.

Mariana Sacchelli

Mariana Sacchelli

Currently living in Mol.

My name is Mariana. I am originally from Brazil and lived in some countries, like Italy, the USA, and the Netherlands. I moved to Belgium in 2021 with my family.
I speak Portuguese, Italian, and English, and I am studying French and Dutch.

I have 2 boys in the school (Primary and Secondary)

Annelii Ny

Annelii Ny

I am originally from northern Sweden but I relocated to Belgium in 2003. 

I joined the ESMol school community in 2011 when my son started nursery school. He is now in the English section in Secondary. 

I live in Mol in the neighborhood of the school. 

Navreet Singh

Hello Everyone, I’m Navreet Singh Otal (Indian by birth) & now settled in Belgium for 15 long years. I’m working with a French IT major Atos (now Eviden) managing Business Operations for Consulting Services.

I’ve 2 children in the French language section of ESMOL, one in Primary & the other in Secondary. Our journey with ESMOL started in 2022 so it’s our first year.

Gaelle Coates

Information Confidential