Coffee mornings

The Parents’ Association organises several coffee mornings a year, which are an excellent way to meet other parents, as well as members of the Parents’ Association and the school management. It is a good opportunity to network and make new friends, especially if you are new at our school.
These coffee mornings are always held in the canteen starting at 8.30 a.m., and take place on the first and last school days, and throughout the year. Don’t miss them!


Newcomers’ Afternoon

To welcome new parents to our school and give a good first information session, the Parents’ Association organises an informational evening for new parents together with school management on the evening before the 1stschool day.


St Martin’s Day

In November, Nursery and Primary school children can expect an evening of bonfires, hot chocolate and waffles.


Open Day

On the Open Door Day of our school, in Spring, the Parents’ Association hosts an International Food Market, where parents and children can enjoy food from many different countries and participate in several entertaining activities.


End-of-Year Picnic

In June, the Parents’ Association organises an afternoon of fun, games, music and snack food for our entire school community. Families of parents & staff bring along their picnic and enjoy a fun summer day!