Who to Contact with Questions/Concerns

As a Parent Association, our responsibility is to serve as a liaison between parents and the school administration, fostering open communication and collaboration. We aim to represent the collective voice of parents.

Overall, our primary responsibility is to support and advocate for the needs of parents and students and to promote a positive and engaging school community.

To ensure that all questions and topics are addressed appropriately, we would like to provide clarification on whom and when to address certain issues.

For matters concerning our service for parents (i.e.events, transport and daycare) we suggest reaching out to the relevant working group via pa@esmol.be.

For matters concerning all other matters, it may be helpful to check with the school administration or the official website of the school for contact information.

During class rep meetings, we aim to discuss general issues and activities relevant to the class as a whole. However, if there are specific concerns that require attention, we encourage you to raise them with your class representative beforehand, so they can be directed to the appropriate channels.

We hope this clarification will help streamline communication and ensure that all questions and topics are addressed in a timely and appropriate manner.