Daycare Staff/Volunteer Profiles

Anja Wolfs

Hallo, ik ben Anja. Ik ben Belgisch/ Spaans.  Ik ben mama van 5 kinderen en heb in het onderwijs gestaan. Ik heb een passie voor kinderen en leer iedere dag van hun bij.

Ik spreek 5 talen en dat is een pluspunt in onze Garderie.


Declined to provide information for the website.

Iveta Rubringer

Declined to provide information for the website.

Kerry -Lynne Grishaw

I am Kerry from South Africa living in Belgium since 2011.

I am a Pilates instructor and I give the mindful movement activity on Friday as a volunteer.
My passion is sports, and teaching children how to find a mind-body connection from an early age.
I speak English, and Dutch when I have to.

Kristina Pucsok

My name is Kristina. I come from Slovakia and live in Belgium since 2007. What I like very much and even can say it is a hobby, is cooking. I cook a lot for my family at home.

Since healthy eating is my lifestyle, I am glad that I can also teach this to the children here in the Garderie.
I hope it will be a fun cooking time

Ayesha Rahman

I am Ayesha from India living in Belgium since 2001.

I work as a volunteer and help during the cooking activity on Friday.
I enjoy working with children, it is fun!
I speak English.

Mariana Sacchelli

My name is Mariana. I am originally from Brazil and lived in some countries, like Italy, the USA, and the Netherlands before arriving last year in Belgium with my family.
I speak Portuguese, Italian, and English, and I am studying French and Dutch.

I have 2 boys in the school (Primary and Secondary)

Brigitte Keffer              

Bonjour, je suis Brigitte,

Je suis volontaire à la garderie depuis très très longtemps.
Je suis présente le lundi et parfois le vendredi.
Je parle Français , un peu de Néerlandais et Espagnole.

Mes enfants ont étudié dans cette école.
Merci de votre fedilité.

Susana Miko Bernet

My name is Susana, I am working in the Garderie as a volunteer since 2023.

I work mainly on Fridays to do arts and crafts, but you can meet me also on other days.

I have two daughters Carol and Sofia. I speak English and Spanish.

Ine Dries


Volunteer 4

Je travail comme volontaire a la Garderie depuis plusieurs annees
Vous me verrez le plus souvent le Mercredi et le Vendredi.

Je parle Français , Anglais, Neerlandais.

Volunteer 1

Declined to provide information for the website.

Volunteer 2

Declined to provide information for the website.

Volunteer 3

Declined to provide information for the website.