Parents: Are you looking for after-school private lessons / learning support for your child? Are you looking for a language class / conversation group for yourself?

Teachers: Do you offer tutoring in specific subjects / languages?

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  1. Dear all,

    I am a mathematics graduate (University of York, 2016) with extensive tutoring experience from basic arithmetic through advanced calculus, financial mathematics and postgraduate level. 😁

    Based in Antwerp and whilst currently pursuing opera singing, I continue to tutor mathematics.

    If you are interested, please leave a reply, send a text (or WhatsApp)
    on +420 773 565 094 or a PM on messenger (Shamay Scheff)

    Any questions, please let me know!
    Shamay 😁

  2. Looking for a tutor to assist weekly with Dutch homework/ schoolwork for my 11 year old son.
    He’s starting high school @ES Mol in September.
    Candidates preferably living in Mol.
    Email: jillianter@icloud.com

  3. Tutoring by a former substitute teacher (M.Sc. in Eng.) of the EE schools (Uccle & Mol in Belgium) in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, taught in three possible languages (EN, FR, SP). Extensive experience in preparation (tips and methods) for the European Baccalaureate (EB) for S6 and S7. And also all levels, including university degrees (Eng. Med. GMAT, etc.). Practical teaching based on a previous application of these topics in Industry. Performed through e-learning (Skype, Zoom,…).

    Tel: O475 91 67 67.

  4. For eight years, Coordinator for Anglophone Careers and University Guidance at EEB2, and, formerly, a university professor in South Africa and the USA, I am available to work with students and young people on a group or individual basis regarding their career aims and aspirations, applications, cover letters, personal statements and CVs, whether for universities or for internships and jobs. For more information, please contact Alex Nice: alextnice@gmail.com; tel. + 32 473 32.63.45.

  5. Hello Berenice,

    I am a mathematics graduate from the university of York, tutoring math for several years now. Based in Antwerp.

    If you can’t find others to join your son’s course, feel free to reach out. I am familiar with all core areas of mathematics and have worked with all age levels.

    Email: scheff101@gmail.com
    Shamay Scheff

  6. I am a mathematics graduate from the university of York, tutoring mathematics at all levels for several years now. Based in Antwerp at the moment, so tutoring online is an option.

    If you can’t find others to join the class you are looking for, I am happy to discuss this further. I offer one-on-one tutoring, either in person or online.

    Feel free to reach out with any questions.
    Email: scheff101@gmail.com
    Shamay Scheff

  7. Hi there,

    My name is Aoife Loughnane and I am offering English lessons either online or in person.

    I am a freelance journalist with a degree in English and History and a Masters in Journalism.

    If you are interested please email me at aoifesloughnane@gmail.com.

    Many thanks 🙂

  8. Hello,

    We are looking for a French tutor for our son in year 4 of secondary. It will be his second language, but needs assistance in bringing him up to the level needed.



  9. Hello,

    I am a mathematics graduate, currently about to start studying opera singing in Antwerp.

    I have been a math tutor for several years now. Very much looking to make a difference within the commnunity.

    Beyond sharing mathematical facts and information, aiming to stimulate students to approach problem-solving skills and acquisition of new concepts in a way that makes sense, and in ways that ultimately give students learning tools, something which is an overall benefit. (reference The Art of Learning book).

    Familiar with all core concepts of mathematics and ready to connect.

    Please feel free to reach out.

    My email: scheff101@gmail.com
    Mobile: +420 773 565 094 (available on WhatsApp too)

    Thank you and good evening

  10. Hello, since there was no second hand book sale due to Corona end of last school year, I have some books for sale for students going to S2:
    – French L2: La véritable histoire de Cléandre, comédien dans la troupe de Molière (ISBN 978-2-7470-5251-1) – 2€
    – French L2: C’est bien (ISBN 978-2-7459-9086-0) – 2€
    – Dutch L1: Nieuw Nederlands 1 – leerboek (ISBN978-90-01-87729-3) 10€
    – Latin taught in French: Latin 5ième, Langue et culture (ISBN 978-2-210-47521-2) 8€
    Contact me if interested – we live 1 km from the school.
    Stephanie Vanhove

  11. Hello,

    we are looking for somebody who can give PIANO and/or SINGING lessons in FRENCH, ITALIAN or JAPANESE to our 8 year old daughter.
    If you know somebody or some music school that offer this service, please contact us!

    Thank you!


    1. Hello,
      no, unfortunately we have not found anybody.
      Do you know someone who can teach piano/singing in italian, french or japanese?
      Thank you!

  12. Hi! If you are looking for private tutoring for your EB or you are currently at university and looking for help with proofreading or one to one coaching for your project/thesis, please feel free to contact Dr Ship Tutoring at cheepeng.ship@drshiptutoring.com Dr Ship Tutoring has experience tutoring students from ES Mol and they went on to continue their studies at top universities e.g Cambridge, LSE, KUL. Feel free to check out

  13. Hi! If your child is looking for private home tutoring, feel free to contact Dr Ship Tutoring. You can check out the website at https://www.chemistrytutoringbelgium.com or facebook page Dr Ship Tutoring. We have tutored students from the european schools and international schools. Thank you!

  14. Good morning,
    My name is Claudia, I am 44 years old and I am Italian. Now I live in Mol in the European School area. I am looking for someone to give me English lessons 2/3 times a week, preferably in the morning. However, we can if needed agree to meet in the afternoon or evening.
    My adress is: Munchenlaan, 31 – Mol
    My mail il: claudia@cerpelloni.eu
    Claudia Cerpelloni

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