Transport FAQ

If in doubt, please contact or the bus WhatsApp group.

What to do if your child misses the bus at School?

If your child is in primary, contact the bus WhatsApp group and the bus will return to the school for your child if with 10-15 minutes of leaving the school.

If your child is in secondary, they are old enough to make their way to the local train stations.

What to do if your child leaves their belonging behind on the bus?

Surprisingly most students find their belonging (including mobile phones) in the same spot as they left them the day before on the bus. Otherwise, contact the bus driver.

What to do if you forget to pick up your child from the bus?

Don’t laugh, this has happened. Please contact the bus company Marcel Coaches Tel: 014 – 377 048, email:, and then go to their depot to collect your child.

Issues with Bus Driver/Boss Boss/Person using the Bus?

Please contact The transport service is solely organized by the Parents Association of Mol and is an independent service from the ‘European school’. therefore we deal with all issues.

Additional bus route requests?

Transport from other cities is also possible if enough requests make it financially viable. Please let us know if you are interested in a specific stop/route that isn’t currently covered. Please contact

Outstanding transport fees?

If you need to pay an outstanding installment, you can pay by logging into your account via this link:

  • Go to CHECKOUT at the top of the screen
  • Tick/untick what you need to pay
  • Click on Proceed to Payment.