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Volunteers needed!!! our After-School Care for students of the ES Mol relies on the help of the parents. The Parents’ Association is looking for volunteers who enjoy working with children for a few hours every week. If you are interested, send us an email or contact our office.

Picture5The Parents’ Association organizes and runs the After-School Care Centre on campus. The After-School Care (“Garderie”) is open every school day. The After-School Care is intended for nursery & primary school pupils and – in exceptional cases – secondary school pupils.

The daycare hours are:

garderie hours


Registration for the after-school care is done online. You will be informed of the start and closure of the registration. In January/February, this registration procedure is repeated to enable changes in the chosen activities. Read the document at the end of this page carefully and then follow the link.


The after-school care team consists of two experienced day care teachers and is supported by a group of highly motivated volunteers. The dedicated work and skills of this team assures the well-being of the children. Three playrooms are fully equipped with a variety of toys, games and equipment for each age group, to insure that children feel at home in our centre. They can do their homework, play together in groups and express their own creativity in art areas. They can also have fun outside on the playground, weather permitting.


During after-school care hours, children can also participate in various optional activities requiring an additional fee on top of the regular day care fee. These activities are coached by instructors on Mondays and Fridays. If you would like to suggest any other activity, please feel free to contact us.


At a glance:

activities garderie

-ART & CRAFT WORKSHOP (14:00-16:00)

Monday: last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2 (max 20 children)

Friday: Primary 3-5 (max 25 children)

Drawing, painting, weaving, ceramic, sewing, cooking


Monday: last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2

Dance with a professional teacher

Dress :body top and tights or stretched leggings and T-shirt

-DUTCH (14:00 -16:00)

Monday: last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2

Pupils learn Dutch in groups according to their age

-PIANO (first group 12:45 (Fri) 13:45 (Mon), last group 15:45)

Monday : last year Nursery and Primary 1 & 2 (max 15 children)

Friday: last year Nursery and Primary 1-5 (max 15 children)

Pupils learn how to play piano, sing, read music and rhythm. 1 hour lesson.


Monday: Nursery (max. 15 children)

Combination of gymnastics, dancing and singing to give the kids a great time.

-MULTISPORTS (14:00-16:00)

Friday: Primary 3-5 (Max 20 children)

Indoor and outdoor sport games (sport clothes required)

-COOKING (14:00 – 15:30)

Friday: Primary 4 – 5 (max 12 children)

children will love to cook!!


Friday: last year Nursery and Primary 1-5 (max 24 children)

Hip Hop dancing: It is one of the popular forms of physical exercises for young children.


Friday: Primary 1-5

Let’s play together football to give kids a great time!


Friday: Primary 1-5 (max 24 children)

Let’s have fun learning Spanish!


Good to know:Picture3

  • Activities are organized during the daycare. Daycare ends at 16.15.
  • Activities start in the first week of October.
  • Activities where less than 7 children are registered cannot be organized. Parents will be informed by email.
  • Only 1 activity per day can be selected.
  • The activities can change from one academic year to another.
  • “Dutch lessons” is an activity organized by the Parents’ Association. Therefore, the price is the normal daycare +the price for the activity added to it. “Language lessons” during the daycare are organized by the school and deducted from the normal daycare fee.



When registering your child for after-school care, you will have to fill out a form specifying the names of the adult(s) authorised to pick up your child. If, due to circumstances, one of the 2 listed adults are not able to pick up your child, notify Amelia or Tanja at or telephone:+32 (0)14 56 31 16

You can pick up your child entering the after school care centre via the main door of the day care (behind the Primary School building).


Day Time Price
Monday 13:30- 16:15 €120

(with language lesson during day care hours)

13:30-16:15 €90
Monday 16:15- 18:00 €76
Tuesday 16:15-18:00 €76
Wednesday 12:30-18:00 €235
Thursday 16:15-18:00 €76
Friday 12:30-16:15 €160

(with language lesson during day care hours)

12:30-16:15 €120
Friday 16:15-18:00 €76

(Monday or Friday)

€35, except piano & cooking: €45, Multisport: €10

The fee for an activity will be added on top of the regular fee. For a total fee per family (sum of all children of that family incl. activities fees) above €500 per semester a 25 % discount will be granted on the amount above the €500. €30 for annual membership fee will be added to your first invoice. Payments are to be affected after receipt of an invoice. Invoices are issued twice a year within a few weeks after each registration campaign. Other payment terms may be arranged.


Day Time Price
Monday 13:30- 16:15 €15
Monday 16:15- 18:00 €7,50
Tuesday 16:15-18:00 €7,50
Wednesday 12:30-18:00 €22,50
Thursday 16:15-18:00 €7,50
Friday 12:30-16:15 €17
Friday 16:15-18:00 €7,50


Please make all payments for After-School Care (to be paid after receipt of invoice) and Membership fee to:
IBAN: BE48 363 0700521 27
Please indicate the name of your child/ren and the chosen After-School Activity/ Daycare on your transfer, otherwise we are not able to assign the payment correctly.


Coordinator Day Care Centre:

Amelia Vilarinho, Tel: +32 (0)14 563 116

Questions regarding registration & activities:

Rules and regulations