About Us

At the European School of Mol, the Parents’ Association “P.A.”, which is made up completely of Parent Volunteers, plays a key role in providing a variety of services (Daycare & Transport) for the children as well as representing the interests of your children. We are the interface between the parents, the school management, the various school committees and the Board of Governors (which manages all European schools). We aim to provide parents with information and support and we meet regularly to discuss ongoing school issues.

For all working groups and committees see CommitteesWorking Groups and Board & Councils

Membership of the association is voluntary and open to all parents whose children 
attend the school. It only costs 30 euros per school year and per family.

Please note that the families whose children use the Parents’ Association’s services must be enrolled as members.  This membership fee will be included in the first daycare or transport invoice.

Why join the PA?

As a member you can:

  • vote at General Meetings and elect the board.
  • enjoy all the Parents’ Association benefits such as after-school care and transport.
  • participate in our workgroups. Through these workgroups, every parent can influence and improve the school community.

We look forward to your membership and hope to welcome you in one of our workgroups!

How to contact us

The best way to reach us is by email at pa@esmol.be

English is the main working language in the Parents Association meetings and internal communications, but feel free to contact us also in Dutch, French & German.

Please make sure that you give the school your e-mail address when registering, and give permission to share your contact details with the Parents’ Association.

All information and invoices are sent by email. Please make sure we always have your latest email address.

Download our brochure here