You can register for transport by clicking on the link:

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Every day, the Parents’ Association’s school buses bring children from the Antwerp and Eindhoven areas. We currently operate 3 different buses from the Antwerp area and 1 bus from Eindhoven.


Please note that registration of your child at the European School does not automatically include transport, parents must apply separately for a Parents’ Association bus subscription.

If your child does not have lessons on Monday pm (Nursery P 1 & P 2), please do not forget to register for daycare as well.

Since all buses leave on Friday 16:25, register your Nursery and Primary child for daycare as well.

Bus user details may be passed to 3rd parties for security or for cross border requirements 

We rely on parents for the smooth operation of this service. Children must be at the stop on time (at least 5 minutes prior to the bus arrival) and they are responsible for their children’s behaviour during the journey.

Transport from other cities is also possible if there are enough requests to make it financially viable. Please let us know if you are interested in a specific stop/route that isn’t currently covered.

Since the European School itself is not involved and there are no transport subsidies available from other benefactors, these activities must be organized and run on a full cost-recovery basis. Our goal is to offer the seats on the buses at the lowest possible fee.

The most important current COVID-19 regulations are:

– Max students in the bus = maximum capacity of the bus minus 5 (the 4 seats behind the driver + seat for the guide can’t be used)

– No toilet use and no drinks in the bus

– Everyone has to use the back door

– Masks recommended for everyone + obliged for everyone older than 12 years old

– Fixed place for everyone during the trip, so no switching seats during the trip.

BUS ROUTES 2021-2022

  • Line E: Eindhoven (NL)  – Veldhoven – Eersel – ES Mol
  • (driver Kris: 0477/43 20 64)

See the E line schedule

  • Line AC: Kalmthout – Ekeren/Donk – ‘s Gravenwezel – Schilde – Ranst – Zoersel -Turnhout – ES Mol
  • (driver Roeland: 0477/43 20 61

See the AC line schedule

  • Line B: Edegem – Wilrijk/Edegem – Wilrijk – ES Mol
  • (driver Guy: 0475/89 46 82)

See the B line schedule

  • Line D: Antwerp – Borgerhout – ES Mol
  • (driver Eren: 0487/24 31 60)

See the D line schedule

  • Friday lunch bus: Please note that this route is an extra cost of € 180,-/semester on top of the normal transport year cost.
  • stops: Edegem – Wilrijk/Edegem – Wilrijk – Borgerhout – ES Mol
  • (driver Eren: 0487/ 24 31 60-)

See the Friday lunch bus

BUS FEES FOR 2021-2022

The tentative bus fee for the school year 2021/22 is € 1.775,- per child,

bus transport
Our buses in the parking lot of ESMOL

2nd child : € 1.420,-

3rd child : € 1.065,-

4th+ children: € 710,-

+ € 30,- for the annual PA membership fee.

The actual fee, which will not be higher, will be announced once the registration campaign is finished.

In cases where previous payments were overdue we reserve the right to only accept registrations after full payment of the yearly fee. In cases, where the bus is near full capacity, children who currently use the bus will be given 1st preference for the new school year.  This will also apply to their sibling who will join in the new school year.  Obviously, our goal is to accommodate all bus requests.

The Parents Association is engaged in this activity on your behalf on a volunteer basis and exercises its capacities in good faith with reasonable care and attention (consistent with the Belgian concept of “ goede huisvader ”). All who avail themselves of this service acknowledge and accept that travelling on these privately contracted buses remains a “PRIVILEGE”, not “AN ACQUIRED RIGHT” even when bus fees have been paid.


To register for occasional bus use, please click on the link: . Please register at least one day in advance. Occasional bus use is only possible when there is space on the bus and the price is € 10,-/trip.

Golden Rules on the School Bus

A document explaining the Transportation policy has been created and can be downloaded here in English and Dutch (German, and French versions will follow):

NL:Transport Policy NL version

EN: Transport Policy English version

Please review with your children the “Golden Rules” on how to behave on the bus: Golden Rules Poster


The buses are operated by Marcel Cars:  Tel: 014 – 377 048, email:


The Flemish public bus company “de Lijn” provides bus service from the Mol and Geel Train Stations to the European School Mol in the Europawijk.

In addition, “de Lijn” has several public transportation buses running from surrounding communities to and from the Mol Train Station: Arendonk, Beringen, Diest, Geel, Kasterlee, Hamont, Leopoldsburg, Lommel, Retie, Tessenderlo, Turnhout and Witgoor. However, their trajectories and schedules are subject to changes.

More travel information can be found on De Lijn