Parents: Are you looking for after-school private lessons / learning support for your child? Are you looking for a language class / conversation group for yourself?

Teachers: Do you offer tutoring in specific subjects / languages?

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  1. Good afternoon,
    I’m offering tutoring in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, in the Antwerp area.
    I hold a PhD in Physics and I have worked for several years at the University of Antwerp as postdoctoral fellow in the field of Biomedical Sciences.
    I have also worked, in Italy, as Maths and Physics teacher; I have experience privately tutoring several high school students, both in Italy and in Belgium, and I’m currently following the “Specifieke Lerarenopleding” (the Flemish Teacher Training Program).
    Hier (www.linkedin.com/in/antonina-monaco-87880835) you can check my LinkedIn profile.
    If interested, please send me an email (antonina.monaco AT uantwerpen.be, or through LinkedIn) with details of your child’s level, any specific difficulties he/she has and your location, and I will contact you to discuss further.

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